Apparatus & Equipment, Firefighter Training, Health & Safety

Drive to Survive: Reinventing Apparatus Driver Training

Issue 2 and Volume 172.

BY CHRIS DALY When asked to name the most dangerous aspects of the firefighting profession, fire chiefs and line officers can rattle off the usual suspects: truss collapse, flashover, firefighter disorientation, and a number of other hazards directly related to fireground operations. This is why we spend countless hours training firefighters to safely enter a burning structure, save any lives in jeopardy, and place the fire under control. Our actions on the fireground may save the very person who started the fire, making us the heroes for the day. After the fire, the firefighters and the fire officers return to their stations, never realizing the innocent lives that may have been put at risk while they were driving to or from that same call. Our Lethal Weapon A speeding fire apparatus is a lethal weapon. Each day across our country, thousands of fire departments load a speeding bullet with trained…

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