Fire Dynamics, Firefighting, Fireground Safety, Training

What’s in Your Toolbox?

Issue 2 and Volume 172.

BY NICK J. SALAMEH All recruit firefighters receive a toolbox when they come on the job, whether they are paid or volunteer. It is our bag of tricks or, in this case, our learning foundation and experiential resources that keep us effective. Intuition We collect tools for our toolbox from what we learn in recruit school and on the job at the firehouse during daily drills and incident scenes. As our experience grows, we eventually add another tool to our toolbox, intuition. This comes with time, experience, and maturity, but only if you are in sync with your intuition and actually listen when it speaks to you. This is the little voice inside that all of us have. Trust your intuition! It’s always right. Influencing Factors Over time, a number of factors influence our toolbox including people (co-workers, friends, officers, supervisors, the public, and so forth), what you’ve seen that…

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