Fireground Management, Officer Development

Sandlot Logic

Issue 2 and Volume 172.

As firefighters, we go through many processes in our careers. Generally, we compete with our peers for limited opportunities, promotions, assignments, and slots. As in every competition, there is an outcome; it is the nature of processes. The old baseball line captures it beautifully: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains.” The wisdom here is ageless no matter what the outcome: Life goes on, the world continues to turn, and God is in His heaven. It is a great perspective on the nature of life in general and competition specifically. Competition is a good thing. It sharpens us, increases our efforts, and allows us to measure ourselves in many ways. It is good when the rules are known, the access is equal, and the opportunities are fair. Winners are those who have earned it through skill, effort, physical ability, and sometimes luck. When we lose, we get…

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