Health & Safety

Addressing Internal Conflict to Understand Suicide

Issue 3 and Volume 172.

By Dena Ali When Kevin Hines was 17 years old, he reached a point in his life at which he felt he was a burden to those around him. He had recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had a difficult time managing his thoughts. The day he decided to take his life, his father recognized that something was off and tried to stay with him, but Kevin assured him that he was okay and insisted on going to school. Throughout the day, Kevin worked to ensure his plan remained undetected. His mind was made up; he was determined to complete suicide. However, in the hour before his jump from the Golden Gate Bridge, he had a change of heart. Although he didn’t know how to ask for help, he wanted nothing more than to be noticed; he desperately wanted somebody to ask him if he was okay.1 Despite the…

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