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Firefighting Operations in High-Risk Fire Environments

Issue 3 and Volume 172.

By Paul Mastronardi Your fire company is activated for a report of fire in a commercial occupancy. When units arrive, they observe fire through the roof in the rear of a 100- × 200-foot one-story commercial building. While responding to a working fire in a private dwelling, the first-arriving unit reports that there are confirmed people trapped on the second floor of a two-story private dwelling. Heavy fire is showing from four windows on the first floor. Or possibly, you arrive on the scene of a structure fire and observe fire showing out of the cellar windows. The above-mentioned scenarios have a common denominator: They are all considered “high-risk fire environments.” High-risk fire environments are situations that present a high degree of danger to the operating forces. Every one of these fire scenarios has at times resulted in serious injury or line-of-duty firefighter fatalities. Unfortunately, firefighters must operate in extremely…

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