Technical Rescue

An Elevator Near Miss for Many

Issue 3 and Volume 172.

By Michael A. Dragonetti and Derek B. Thomas Several years ago in a major metropolitan city, the busy workday was churning along. People were going about their business trusting in the vertical transportation to which they had grown so accustomed. In this one complex of city-owned buildings, two elevator mechanics were on duty maintaining more than 40 units in three buildings. They would rotate through the three buildings looking, listening, and tweaking where necessary. Elevator maintenance is a continuing battle against wear and tear with the goal of hopefully preventing a shutdown before it occurs and to quickly and efficiently address one when it inevitably occurs. The Shutdown A group of people entered the lobby. Some were patiently waiting; some were not so patient. “Ding.” An elevator arrives at lobby level, the doors open, and the people filter in and press their floor destinations. Little do they know or appreciate…

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