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Making Entry with the Hydraulic Forcible Entry Tool

Issue 3 and Volume 172.

TRAINING NOTEBOOK ❘ By MICHAEL N. CIAMPO     Many years ago, firefighters were concerned about the number of doors they might need to force open on a floor, and they were finding more doors with additional security locks and devices on them, leading to forcible entry measures that took longer to enter the apartments. Then a three-piece forcible entry tool (spreading jaws connected to a hydraulic pump through a hose) made its way into the fire service. The tool revolutionized the speed and efficiency of forcing open metal doors in metal door frames, especially in any circumstance where there was limited or zero visibility. In addition, it was also often used in elevator emergencies such as forcing open a side-sliding door with broken mechanisms. Like many fire service tools, it has certain pros, cons, abilities, and limitations. Some of the traits that firefighters dislike about the tool are its…

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