Creating a Successful Retainment and Recruitment Strategy in 2019

Issue 3 and Volume 172.

Volunteers Corner
By JOHN M. BUCKMAN III     Today’s fire departments that use a staffing component comprised of all volunteers or a combination of mostly volunteers supported with career staff face significant challenges in recruiting and retaining an adequate number of qualified motivated personnel. Managing volunteers requires a proactive approach, which will then require monitoring of expectations along with developing plans to maximize effectiveness. The ability to retain qualified personnel depends on various factors, with the top contributing factors being the following: Current volunteers like the people with which they volunteer. Leadership has its priorities in order: family, work, fire department. Leaders are qualified and competent for the positions they hold.  Management of time is a high priority.  There is minimal drama within the organization. Rules are enforced fairly and uniformly. Recruiting an adequate staffing component of volunteers depends on the following factors: The application process is rapid and responsive.  Realistic…

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