Leadership, Officer Development

Building Culture

Issue 4 and Volume 172.

By Joseph Bostic I am an engine captain who has the honor to serve as the station officer. I believe the station officer has the most influence in the firehouse and that this officer’s leadership, or lack thereof, will play the most important role in setting the culture in your firehouse. We have seen all types of leaders in the fire service—some great, some not so great. Two types come to my mind: the “Results Officer” and the “Nice Officer.” “Results Officer” This is the old school fire officer who has a ton of experience under his belt, is tactically sound, knows his job through and through, and yet treats his people as if they don’t belong. It’s almost as if he is too good an officer to deal with “common folk.” He is salty and condescending. You may say, “Good morning.” He will walk right past you as if…

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