Firefighter Training, Officer Development

Training Probationary Firefighters

Issue 4 and Volume 172.

By Louis A. Comenale III You have been promoted to line officer and are assigned to a company with firefighters you once looked up to or with whom you maybe even went through the academy. Relatively speaking, your fire department is young and growing. You’re able to find your groove as a company officer, but then you are assigned a probationary firefighter fresh out of the academy. Now what? Because your department is still growing, are there guidelines for probationary firefighters to follow? Do you rely on your senior firefighters to acclimate the new firefighter? Do you take on the full responsibility for the probie? On what does the new firefighter need to be trained? In which skills is he adequately trained and in which areas does he need more training? Does the firefighter know what you and your crew expect from him? These are just some of the questions…

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