Firefighter Training

Lessons for Teaching Hands-on Training

Issue 4 and Volume 172.

By Phil Jose When you choose to become a hands-on training instructor, you immediately step into the role of subject matter expert for the skills you are teaching. Firefighters are drawn to the field of hands-on instruction through a combination of a dedication to excellence in the craft of firefighting and to serve others. It takes effort and training to produce firefighters who are knowledgeable and innovative in performing these lifesaving tasks. Becoming an instructor increases your ability to serve your students and develop their skills. Better trained firefighters produce a more effective outcome for their communities. By assuming the role of hands-on instructor, you have become a mentor to other firefighters. To improve as an instructor, you must invest some time in learning the craft of teaching alongside the craft of firefighting. (1) As the instructor, you are the subject matter expert. Learn the details with a thorough review…

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