Health & Safety

Mental Health: Navigating Your Treatment Options

Issue 4 and Volume 172.

BY DANIEL DeGRYSE  Deciding to seek help for a mental health disorder or an addiction is not easy. For the person involved, it is life changing; socially, it can be challenging. The individual may experience guilt, shame, and stigma once he begins therapy. Although our life choices can present obstacles, when they concern our mental and physical well-being, we must focus on the potential benefits.     Acknowledgment The desire, decision, and motivation to change are the crucial first steps in personal improvement. Along with desire comes the acknowledgment that you, your loved one, or you and your significant other need professional assistance with the challenging circumstances in your life. Your path to better mental well-being is a great decision and a rewarding one. Once you have committed to change and are motivated, identifying the available and reputable therapists and treatment facilities, understanding insurance coverage, and obtaining a general knowledge…

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