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The ‘Scavenger Hunt’ Drill: A New Way to Train

Issue 4 and Volume 172.

  As a firefighter, how well do you really know your response district? If you are a company officer, how well do your personnel know their area? If you are in either role, you should be able to easily produce, on demand, several examples of geographic and operational areas of concern in your first-due territory. Be honest—can you count on your crew to recall this critical knowledge, especially when they are under stress or a time constraint? Suppression system components, building construction, geography, and preparedness are good jumping off points to creating a solid base of knowledge. RELATED Time Well Spent in the District ‘The Fog’ of the Fireground, Part 7: Know Your Buildings Bachman: From The Ground Up This article presents an engaging “scavenger hunt”-style drill that gets firefighters off the couch and on the street. It doesn’t cost anything but time, and it will help you build confidence…

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