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In Case You Missed It: April 2019 Firefighting Articles

See some of the Web-only features that ran on Fire Engineering‘s site in April 2019, including coverage of FDIC International.

FDIC International 2019: Intense, Invaluable, and Unique

Jerry Knapp reviews some of the highlights from this year’s FDIC International and describes why the conference keeps drawing him back year after year.


Training Minutes: Saw Cutting Options

In this new Training Minutes video, Mike Ciampo discusses some body mechanics tips for cutting window bars on a basement window.


Fire Commentary Roundup: Reputation, Public Expectations, and Weed Use in the Fire Service

Check out some recent commentary pieces from Fire Engineering featured contributors that ran on the site in March 2019.


Firefighter Cancer Prevention: Using the Tools Provided to Us

If you choose to put the healthiest, well-trained firefighters on your floor, it starts with your acknowledgement that cancer is an issue for all of us in the fire service and that we must take action to prevent it. Read more from Brian F. McQueen.


Training Minutes: Force Protection for FDC Access

In this new Training Minutes video, Steve Hamilton discusses law enforcement providing protection for firefighters who may need to access the fire department connection (FDC) during active shooter and MCI events.


Engine Company EMS: Being There

“It is truly comforting to know that those who come after me and the friends I made along the way remember us and continue to do their best. They continue to carry on the tradition of excellence that we learned from those who came before us,” writes Michael Morse.


On the Line: Pursuing Perfection and Catching Excellence

Just being good has never been our goal. Every firefighter, officer, and chief must strive for perfection each day, writes David DeStefano, and in so doing we may obtain excellence.


Training Minutes: Tips for Using a Small-Volume Nebulizer

In this Training Minutes, Mike McEvoy shares some tips on delivering medicine to a patient for using a small-volume nebulizer.


Truck Company Operations: Using the Rotary Saw, Part 1

Mark van der Feyst discusses the use of rotary saws for ventilation and forcible entry on the fireground.


Humpday Hangout: Surviving an LODD

Hosts Terry McGrath and Chief Rick Lasky chat with Andy Allison, a firefighter who sustained a severe electrical injury while in the field. Also joining will be Andy’s father, retired Lewisville (TX) Fire Captain Calvin Allison.


Training Minutes: Basement Access on Commercial Building

In this episode of Training Minutes, Paul Dansbach examines considerations for firefighters who are attempting to advance a hoseline into the basement of an older commercial building.


Live from FDIC International 2019: Friday

Join your hosts live from FDIC International 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana! The Friday show has Danny Sheridan, Dennis Rubin, Rich Gasaway, and members of Sons of the Flag!


Live from FDIC International 2019: Thursday

Join your hosts live from FDIC International 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana! The Thursday episode has members of iWomen, Chris Baker, Dave McGlynn, Ryan Pennington, Frank Ricci and company, and Ron Kanterman and Tom Aurnhammer.


Live from FDIC International 2019: Wednesday

Join your hosts live from FDIC International 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana! The Wednesday edition features Doug Cline, Jeremy Hurd, Anthony Avillo and Jim Duffy, Mike Ciampo, members of F.O.O.L.S., and Tom Merrill.


Humpday Hangout: What We Learned at FDIC

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Jason Hoevelmann joins Bill Gustin and other special guests live from FDIC International 2019 in Indianapolis.


Live from FDIC International 2019: Tuesday

Join your hosts live from FDIC International 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana! The Tuesday episode features our panel of Fire Service Court attorneys, Billy Greenwood of FETC Services, and Rick Lasky and John Salka. 


Video: High-Voltage Vehicle Firefighting

In this video, Brock Archer covers vehicle firefighting operations for hybrid and fully electric vehicles.


Live from FDIC International 2019: Monday

Join your hosts live from FDIC International 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana! Monday’s show features Chris Naum; Larry and David Conley; and Chris Mc Loone with Rickey Riley and Chris Daly.


Civilians Ask Firefighters: Why Do You Do That?

Tom Warren addresses some common questions firefighters may have encountered when civilians ask them about their work.


Humpday Hangout: Training for Firefighter Fitness

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, the ISFSI panel—including Stephen Shaw, Aaron Heller, and Tony Carroll—welcomes special guests Dan Kerrigan and Jim Moss.


Training Minutes: Automatic Roll-down Gate Opener

In this new Training Minutes video, Mike Ciampo has some tips on how to overcome an automatic roll-down gate opener.


Fire Officers: Are You a Manager or a Leader?

“Most firefighters know how to put out a fire, but it’s not the fancy tools or shiny trucks that get it done; it is the human factor,” writes Leigh H. Shapiro.


Mayday Monday: Out-of-Air Emergencies

In this month’s drill, Tony Carroll looks at an out-of-air emergency line-of-duty death and its implications for firefighter training.



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