Tech Zone

Social Media: The Offensive Strategy

Issue 5 and Volume 172.

By ERIC HURST Scenario: A turbulent plume of black smoke rises over a major metropolitan area just as motorists begin their evening commute home. Traffic is snarled as mutual-aid fire apparatus from across the city slowly slalom their way to the scene. Community members and news outlets eagerly search for information on what’s happening, many of them turning to social media for answers. On Twitter, they’ll see photos and videos from eyewitnesses showing huge flames and a shadow-casting smoke plume, and they’ll listen to bystander comments, “What’s taking the fire department so long?” “Someone probably got killed in there!” “Why aren’t they spraying any water?” “Is that smoke toxic?” If this incident happened in your district today, would your fire department have a timely, factual voice on social media? If the answer is no, someone, anyone, could be driving the narrative about what’s happening. When we talk about strategy and…

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