Tech Zone

Is the Fire Service Becoming Too Technology Dependent?

Issue 5 and Volume 172.

By Evan Kutzin Technology is the application of knowledge; it deals with how we put our thoughts into action. Technology combines learned skills and techniques used in the interaction of life and the environment, engineering them into a more efficient process that can be easily reproduced. Defining what we think of as technology is only relevant if we outline a time frame. The technology of today will become outdated and antiquated in the not-so-distant future. Evolution of Technology Three million years ago, the technology developed by our first ancestors consisted of basic stone hand tools. About one million years ago, the technology of early humans was centered on the use and control of fire; and only about 5,000 years ago, at the end of the Neolithic period, use of metal tools became widespread. Other historic applications of technology that we take for granted as some of the most basic aspects of…

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