The Best Damn Job We’ve Ever Had

Issue 5 and Volume 172.

editor’s opinion ❘ By BOBBY HALTON   More times than most of us can remember, people we have been speaking to— nonfirefighters—will comment that they think we are really different. They always follow it up with saying that they mean no disrespect or offense but that we remind them of their dad or mom or someone from long ago. This is usually after they had been asking us about the job, its risks and dangers, and its challenges and rewards. They are confused as to why we enjoy it so much and why we do it all. They are also confused when we decline to blame anyone for our injuries or illnesses, when we generally say it is our duty and we understand the risks. We understand that America has been, and always will be, blessed with generation after generation of patriots—men and women who, despite the risks, accept the…

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