Hazmat, Technical Rescue

Catastrophic Hazmat Releases and Emergency Responders: The Jack Rabbit II Project Report

Issue 6 and Volume 172.

BY ANDREW BYRNES AND GREGORY G. NOLL In “The Jack Rabbit Tests: Catastrophic Releases of Compressed Liquefied Gases” (Fire Engineering, November 2016, we introduced the Jack Rabbit Project and provided the history of the project and preliminary results of the 2015 and 2016 trials. The project’s final results and the potential impacts for emergency responders have been published in a report that can be accessed at the Jack Rabbit Project homepage at Utah Valley University (UVU) (https://www.uvu.edu/esa/jackrabbit/).   The “Jack Rabbit II Project” (JR II) was a joint effort that involved subject matter experts in hazardous materials and emergency response (the UVU Emergency Response Group) working collaboratively with scientists from the Department of Homeland Security—Chemical Security Analysis Center, the United States Fire Administration National Fire Academy, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) to ensure meaningful outcomes. The JR II series of tests focused on catastrophic releases of chlorine, using the…

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