Shut Up

Issue 6 and Volume 172.

Perhaps the most dismissive thing anyone can say to another is, “Shut up.” It means what you have to say doesn’t matter, your opinion doesn’t matter, you don’t matter, you are inconsequential, you have no value, and you have nothing to add to the conversation—period. It is a demonstration of the moral and intellectual superiority of the one assaulting you. It is a dehumanization of you, a subjugation of you, a debasement of you. It is how weak people win with bad arguments, intimidation, and force. It is the weapon of choice of bullies; thugs; and, lately, Internet gangs. There have been and will continue to be those who perhaps never having experienced malevolence, betrayal of humanity, randomness, or flat-out bad luck or those whose bullying has never been challenged who will continue to oppress dissenting opinions and expose their world view as sacrosanct. Delusions of zero this and no…

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