Firefighter Training, Leadership

Volunteer Academies: Change Outcomes by Challenging New Members

Issue 6 and Volume 172.

VOLUNTEERS CORNER ❘ By DAN MILLER   As firefighters, most of us can identify with wanting to be on a select team, not just the “B” or scout team. If you sign up to join a volunteer fire department, there is at least some expectation that it will be physically demanding, enthralling, and life affirming and bring you some type of personal change that you’ve been seeking. Those who sign up to be on a volunteer fire department want to be a part of something bigger. This typically involves wanting to be a part of a group—a fraternity, if you will. Perhaps they had role-model relatives or friends who were or are members or who outright encouraged membership based on their positive experiences as volunteer firefighters. In any case, being a firefighter is a calling that takes you to a “next-level” experience, if you accept it. Probationary Models Most volunteer…

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