Words of Wisdom for the New Company Officer

Issue 7 and Volume 172.

By Louis A. Comenale III Scenario: You have just been promoted to the rank of company officer. You studied and scored well on the promotional exam, and now the day has come for the responsibilities of the right front seat. Ideally, you are relocated to a different part of the fire department—where you might not know anyone—giving you a fresh start and a chance to find your own way as a company officer and leader. However, most departments across the country do not have the luxury to send you to a different division or battalion. In many smaller departments, you are lucky to get a transfer to a different firehouse, group, or platoon. In some cases, a member gets promoted and stays in the same firehouse and group or platoon from which he was promoted (not that it is the right or wrong thing to do). Then, one day, he…

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