Expectations and Leadership

Issue 7 and Volume 172.

By Chase Sargent From the newest recruit to the chief, everyone has expectations they want met. Some are easy; some, not that easy. There is a wide range of methods to communicate and implement, check, and ensure that expectations are met. Have you ever wondered if expectations are important in leadership? What does your organization expect from you? What do you expect from the organization? What do your members/subordinates/peers expect from you, and what should you expect from them? Expectations are a big deal, especially when they are never established, are misunderstood, are miscommunicated, or are never followed through. In fact, expectations are about building relationships and, most importantly, about delivering customer service in a manner that is, well, expected! Expectations are essentially the heart of an organization—its core values, mission, and delivery. The problem is that we seem to minimize them and don’t teach people at all levels of…

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