Leadership, Officer Development

Not Just a Picture: The Round Table Discussion

Issue 7 and Volume 172.

By John Hayowyk Jr. In recent years, the company drill has become increasingly more important throughout the fire service. With the decrease in the number of fires and the increase in service-related responses, the fire service needs to find the time to educate its members. Better public fire prevention awareness and improved detection/suppression systems have led to the decrease in fires. However, the number of company-based, in-service inspections has increased. The firehouse kitchen table is still where many fire service challenges and concerns are discussed and debated and where learning takes place. One effective way for a fire company to spend valuable training time is to read, review, and analyze fire service magazine articles, photos, and videos (photo 1). Photos by author.   The officer begins, directing questions at the crew members after each has reviewed the photo or video. The members’ contributions will depend on their personal experience; each…

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