Health & Safety

Tips and Tricks for Improving Firefighters’ Diets

Issue 7 and Volume 172.

fireEMS ❘ By Emily Blaszkow, Paige DeAlba, Lauren Stephens Chavis, and Deborah Feairheller   Every day, firefighters respond to calls that may require them to perform dangerous and physically demanding jobs. To push their bodies to this high level of exertion in high-stress situations, firefighters need healthy hearts. Unfortunately, cardiovascular disease (CVD) represents a leading cause of death in the United States and is even more prevalent among the firefighter population. More than 45% of firefighter line-of-duty deaths (LODDs) are cardiac related.1 Some of the leading risk factors for CVD are inactivity, poor diet, obesity, and smoking. Both volunteer and career firefighter populations have high percentages of each of these risks. Currently, there is a major public health initiative to improve the American diet, as society knows that healthy eating is one great way to decrease risk for CVD. In fact, the recent statistics from the American Heart Association report…

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