Firefighting, Truck Company

Skill Sets: Basic and Advanced

Issue 7 and Volume 172.

ON FIRE ❘ By Michael N. Ciampo   Laddering is one of the most important disciplines in truck work, right next to forcible entry and search and rescue. Being proficient in “throwing” ladders is very important and requires just as much skill, knowledge, strength, and finesse as the other tasks do. Many of us train on ladders and usually go over the types of raises and review methods of working off the ladder—the basics. When we look at being proficient and prepared, it should mean we’re able to perform at a moment’s notice and be ready to throw ladders with precision and expertise in any situation we encounter, especially when performing a daring rescue from a burning structure. Sure, we’re going to have to adapt and overcome, but that’s why we should be training in a multitude of situations and not just in a parking lot with no obstructions.  …

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