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Fire Commentary Roundup: The First Line, Respectful Entry, and Service Dogs

In case you missed it, check out a roundup of some commentary pieces from our featured contributors.


John Lightly

Stretching the First Line

Regardless of where you initiate the fire attack from, you still need to obtain that position first, John Lightly writes.

Chad Menard

A Comparison of the 7/8- and 15/16-inch Smooth Bore Nozzle

Perform a nozzle evaluation with the right equipment and with your hose and apparatus. Read more from Chad Menard.

John Buttrick

Respectiful Entry: To Infinity and Beyond

The public expects and deserves perfection when they call 911. John Buttrick offers some thoughts on through-the-lock and related entry methods.


John K. Murphy

Leading from the Bottom Up

Perhaps the fire service can lead and manage better if we involve all of the personnel in a fire department from the bottom up. John K. Murphy on inverting the leadership pyramid.


AB Turenne

Keeping It Functional and Keeping It Fun

AB Turenne on promoting health and fitness in the firehouse.

Dena Ali

Service Dogs, Behavioral Activation, and PTSD Treatment

Dena Ali shares a message from the late Atlantic Beach (NC) Fire Department Chief Adam Snyder on the difference between therapy, service, and emotional support dogs.


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