Fireground Management, Leadership

Risk Management: Improving Incident and Organizational Success

Issue 08 and Volume 172.

By Brian Stewart “Risk a lot to save a life, risk some to save property, risk nothing for that which is already lost” or some similar phrasing is probably familiar to all in the fire service. Many fire service organizations promote their version of it, and most fire departments adopt it in one form or another. However prevalent this risk management statement may be, there are often shortcomings in how it is implemented. There are two main opportunities agencies miss when implementing risk management. One is allowing the statement’s emphasis on emergency response to drive the organization’s focus on risk and thereby neglect developing risk management intelligence across the enterprise. The second relates to developing and training on risk management decision making for emergency incidents.   Incident risk management can be improved through defining what criteria are used to identify risk and what is savable, identifying when those risk management…

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