Change Is the Only Constant

Issue 08 and Volume 172.

Frank Viscuso
By Frank Viscuso “Change” has become a very familiar word in the fire service. The majority of high-level officers agree that this is the most difficult time in history to be a fire chief. Most firefighters in America would say that one or more of the following statements relate to their organization. Tax revenues are down. We are not keeping up with technology. Our staffing level is the lowest it has ever been. Our operating budget is shrinking yearly. We are not replacing the experienced firefighters who retire. Our department is looking into regionalization (shared services). We can get the equipment we need only through grant funding. We are constantly asked to do more with less. Our new management staff is leading us in the wrong direction. Newly appointed politicians are not supportive of our organization. Our standard operating procedures are insufficient, outdated, and in need of revision. Every day,…

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