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Photos: Indy Firefighters Respond to Collision, Building Collapse

Indy firefighter at the scene of the crash and collapse.
Indy firefighter at the scene of the crash and collapse.

Photos by Rodger Birchfield

Indianapolis firefighters responded earlier this week to a two-vehicle collision that resulted in a structural collapse.

According to a report from Jason Kistler of Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) Media Relations, witnesses said two vehicles collided in the intersection at 22nd and College just before noon on Monday.

IFD was called to the scene to perform medical services and structure collapse searching.

One vehicle was a flat bed pick up truck that was carrying five occupants.  One occupant was transported emergent to Methodist. One occupant signed a signature of release on scene, and the other 3 occupants stated they were ok and refused medical attention.

The other vehicle, a car, had one occupant, who was transported non-emergent to Eskenazi.

The IFD CSRT used shoring techniques to perform both primary and secondary searches of the damaged portion of the building. Primary and secondary searches were also performed throughout the rest of the building.  All searches found nothing.

Thank you to Rita Reith for providing photo access.


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