Firefighter Training, Truck Company

The 10 Percent Search

Issue 10 and Volume 172.

TRAINING NOTEBOOK ❘By CLAY MAGEE and BRANDON LEWIS Forcible entry is a common fireground task. Companies across the United States get the job done using anything from the heel of a boot, irons, or high-dollar hydraulics. All too often, truck companies or the companies assigned forcible entry gain access and quickly shut the door. However, with the advancements the fire service has made regarding fire science, door control has been continuously preached over the past few years. We both have been on a fireground and opened a front door to take a quick glance at the layout and interior conditions on the ground floor only to be scolded and yelled at to “keep the door shut!” We are both for door control; we teach it in all of our classes, especially in our forcible entry class. However, people seem to have lost sight of the knowledge you can gain after…

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