Firefighting, Structural Firefighting

Mayday! Response at a Detached Garage Fire with Structural Collapse in Virginia

Issue 10 and Volume 172.

FIRE FOCUS ❘ By MICHAEL J. BARAKEY On March 11, 2019, Suffolk (VA) Fire & Rescue (SFR) was presented with a routine fire that quickly became anything but routine. A Mayday was transmitted soon after firefighting operations were initiated at a residential structure. The incident was a “bread and butter” operation that, in an instant, challenged the firefighters and officers operating at the incident, the incident commander (IC), and the rapid intervention team (RIT). The Call The fire occurred in a “transitional” section of the city where “suburbia” merges with a rooted and established rural community. Two structures were on fire: a main residence and its detached garage. The structures were more than 100 feet off a narrow street that spurs off a main roadway and connects the rapidly growing suburbia with homes that are situated on large lots with extended driveways. The closest fire hydrant to the burning structures…

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