Fire EMS, Health & Safety

Is Physical Wellness Impacting Mental Wellness?

Issue 10 and Volume 172.

Speeding ambulance
fireEMS ❘ By Bryan Fass  Suicide claims more lives than line-of-duty fatalities. This headline statistic is both shocking and concerning. Are we approaching the issue with only half of the perspective needed? Simultaneously with our mental health and suicide problem has been a decline in provider health and wellness. Couple that with an almost rampant occupational inability to sleep, and we have the making of an epidemic in our profession. A Decline in Physical Wellness Nutrition Personally, I point to one major and predictable issue, food—or, in this case, the lack of healthy food in our diet. Our diet has become so overly processed, fast-food based, and chemically laden that it’s entirely possible that you may go days without eating something that has not been processed. A vast majority of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) rely on the vending machine, fast foods, and convenience stores for their “nutrition.” Add to that hormone- and…

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