Engine Company, Firefighting

Preplanning: Include the Hose Stretch

Issue 10 and Volume 172.

By Anthony Rowett JR. When preplanning a building, do you take the time to give yourself a tactical advantage, or do you go through the motions? Some firefighters view preplanning as a waste of time and simply go down a checklist, filling in the required information on the form that they will submit to their chiefs to show that they completed the required building preplans. Other firefighters understand that preplanning provides firefighters with an opportunity to gain a tactical advantage if a fire occurs in the building. It is common for firefighters conducting preplanning activities to pay attention to certain considerations such as water supply (location and capability), apparatus positioning, a key box (presence and location), points of access and egress, fire department connection (location and type), fire alarm panels, elevator panels, stairwells (locations, types, and size), and standpipe outlets. These are just some of the issues commonly focused on…

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