Apparatus & Equipment

Deck Guns: Know Your Flow

Issue 10 and Volume 172.

By Joseph R. Polenzani The apparatus-mounted master stream (or deck gun) is a potent and versatile tool fire officers often overlook as a tactical option. For fires within its reach, there is arguably no faster way to deploy a fire stream than with a monitor that is already connected to the pump. Although we typically think of deck guns as a component of defensive operations, they have a role in offensive fire attack as well. The high-volume stream from a deck gun can be used to quickly knock down a large amount of fire, especially in smaller structures such as garages or mobile homes, or to temporarily darken down fires in difficult-to-reach areas including upper floors, eaves, or balconies to buy time to get offensive handlines in place (photo 1). However, regardless of the application, it is important that the pump operator deliver the correct flow.   In the fire…

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