Engine Company, Firefighting

Fire Attack: First Line Stack-Up

Issue 10 and Volume 172.

By Howard Rinewalt and Jason Hearnsberger You receive a report of a residential fire in your territory. As the responding chief officer or company officer, you have many critical factors to evaluate and decisions to make. What is the deployment, what are the weather and traffic conditions, and what information can dispatch provide? You find a working structure fire on arrival. You need to gather additional information, perform tasks, make decisions, and fill a considerable number of roles: perform the size-up, take a 360° survey, determine the mode (offensive or defensive), identify/protect exposures, set up the initial/subsequent rapid intervention teams, put the primary attack line into operation, provide accountability, initiate the primary search, set up the water supply, get a backup line in action, address utilities, consider ventilation, determine if emergency medical services are needed, set up staging, designate an incident safety officer, make division assignments, set up salvage, and…

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