Firefighting, Truck Company

One and One

Issue 10 and Volume 172.

ON FIRE ❘ by MICHAEL N. CIAMPO We often hear the phrase “take care of our own,” but in many instances, we can see we’re failing in our quest to adequately safeguard our members. This is especially true when we look at our response protocols. All too often, we’re putting an engine company, often with limited staffing, all alone to combat an automobile fire or work an auto accident. Some departments are now operating blocking apparatus on these incidents, responding to expressways and high-traffic areas for our safety. But, why aren’t we putting a truck company with the engine company on auto fires? Sending a truck can be very beneficial to a fire department for many reasons.    Years ago, you could sharpen your skills daily with nozzle work when you stretched the “booster line” when battling the constant barrage of abandoned derelict vehicles in the South Bronx. As you jumped off…

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