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Firefighters Respond to Fire at IL Masonic Temple

YouTube: Lisa Farver / Video credit to Hector Ortiz

A major fire destroyed an historic Masonic temple in the Illinois city of Aurora last night, according to reports.

The fire Monday night tore through the abandoned Lincoln Masonic Temple and led to the closure of several streets, reported.

The temple was built in 1922 and had since been listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the report noted.

The Daily Herald reported that firefighters operated defensively at the aging structure because of its state of decrepitude and the potential for collapse. The building was a total loss. Part of the building collapsed onto power lines, according to a report from ABC.

The local CBS affiliate reported that hundreds of residents were left without power. The fire in under investigation.

Chicago Tribune: Fire burns more than 9 hours, destroys historic, vacant Lincoln Masonic Temple in Aurora

Masonic temples are gathering places for the Freemasons, an international fraternal order that has existed for several centuries.


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