Industrial Firefighting

Initial Considerations for Industrial Attack

Issue 11 and Volume 172.

By Ryan Henry Not all fire disciplines are created equal. However, that doesn’t mean any specialty is better or worse than another. Industrial firefighters badge in and protect facilities around the world daily. From private factory assembly lines to major oil and gas production facilities, the engine is staffed and ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Although we aren’t venting roofs or using irons to pop doors, our operations include key tasks that we must master and perform as swiftly and as effectively on arrival at an industrial incident as municipal fire companies must when pulling up to a structure fire (photo 1). (1) Photos by Matthew Ison Photography. In firefighting, as in hazardous materials response, we have a process to follow: gross decontamination, followed by technical decon (called “gross knockdown” in industrial firefighting), followed by technical surgical line placement. Although Class A materials may potentially be involved as…

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