Wildland Firefighting

What Should You Pack in Your “Red Bag”?

Issue 11 and Volume 172.

Wildland Urban Interface ❘ By BRYAN McLEAN In some parts of the country, one facet of being in the fire service is the readiness to respond to larger wildland campaign fires. Depending on the fire department, personnel may be deployed from seven to 21 days, with a typical deployment of 14. This requires personnel to be packed and ready to go when the call for resources comes in. The “Red Bag” Other than your personal protective equipment (PPE), the next most important item to have is the infamous “red bag.” Essentially, this is a go bag that each firefighter has packed and ready to go during the ever-expanding fire season months. The red bag gets its name from the old red bags made by FSS for packing your clothing, toiletries, and other items for longer deployments. Over the years, other manufacturers have built on the original bag, but several people…

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