Fire EMS

Caught in the Act: EMS Video Legalities

Issue 11 and Volume 172.

fireEMS ❘ By Jay Fisher Imagine the following scenario: You and your partner respond to an auto pedestrian crash on a moderately busy street in the center of a small city. Because of traffic delays, the response time is not the best—10 minutes to the patient—but, it is not extremely bad by any measure. You find a middle-aged female lying in the road; she never lost consciousness and has moderate lower leg trauma. The patient is belligerent because of the perceived slow response and is inconsolable. Despite your best efforts at verbal deescalation, the woman continues to berate the crew. This harassment becomes too much, and you feel your emotional control slipping away. Just as an insult fusillade is about to emerge from your mouth, you look up to see multiple parties holding out cell phones and videoing the entire encounter. Your anger becomes instantly displaced as you now want…

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