Hazardous Duty

Issue 11 and Volume 172.

ON FIRE ❘ By MICHAEL N. CIAMPO With all of today’s modern technology, you can imagine the fire service is going to run into new types of incidents or have to rewrite or update existing standard operating procedures. Often in this fast-changing world, there is so much information written that it’s difficult to keep up with it. Firefighters are going to have to do better at keeping abreast of the information and do a little more drilling, studying, or investigative work to handle a crisis that can occur in their district. It’s better to be prepared than to show up with no idea of what’s going on or what to do.  Responding in a large city for a single call of smoke from the roof isn’t an uncommon run. Most of the time, it’s just smoke from an oil burner that’s faulty or that could use cleaning or maintenance. With nothing showing at the…

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