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Fire Burns Multiple Homes in Hornell (NY)

A fire destroyed nearly six homes and burned through half a city block Sunday in Hornell, New York, according to reports.

Photos from the scene in the Western New York city show huge flames erupting from the buildings.

The fire department responded to a call of a structure fire around the area of Preston avenue and Seneca street around 2:30 p.m, according to WENY.  At total of six buildings were involved, with four deemed complete losses.

The report indicated crews were challenged by high winds and the close proximity of the buildings, among other issues.

The Spectrum News reported that 21 people have been displaced by the fire. “Three of these houses were arms-length apart. I mean, you could reach out the window and touch the adjacent. So you’ve got that radiant heat, plus the wind taking the currents over so it was quite a challenge right off the bat,” Chief Frank Brzozowski told reporters.

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