Elites, Experts, and Experience

Issue 12 and Volume 172.

Bobby Halton
Editor’s Opinion ❘ By BOBBY HALTON The fire service is an amazing collection of tradespersons from across the spectrum of trades. Our own specific skills, knowledge, and abilities in firefighting are augmented and boosted by our varied individual understanding of and interest in other trades such as auto mechanics, construction, computer skills, animal care, culinary, outdoor and urban survival skills, and anything else you can imagine. It is always interesting and confusing to us when we are told we “resist change” or are bound by old ways of doing our work. We don’t feel that way at all; in fact, most of us troops feel quite the opposite. Generally, the folks who hold and espouse these opinions never rode backward or had much dirt under their fingernails.   It was 1905, and a rich and powerful President Teddy Roosevelt was in the White House. Teddy was an interesting guy—elite, smart,…

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