Health & Safety

PTSD: Don’t Move Next to an Airport and Complain About Airplane Noise

Issue 12 and Volume 172.

By Dena Ali, Steve Chikerotis, and Jay Bettencourt At the 2019 Fire Department Instructors Conference International classroom session “Lead from the Front: Fireground Tactics and Leadership,” Deputy District Chief (Ret.) Steve Chikerotis from the Chicago (IL) Fire Department (CFD) displayed the slide, “Don’t move next to an airport and complain about the airplane noise: Why PTSD?” This slide piqued my interest because PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is a complex condition that develops in response to one’s coping skills, early life experiences, mental health, and social support before and after the event. Thus, two people can experience the same trauma and have drastically different outcomes. Neuroscience demonstrates that just as flexibility and fitness mitigate fireground injuries, so, too, do mindfulness and social support mitigate the effects of trauma and stress. Why is there so much focus on renaming PTSD to PTSI (post-traumatic stress injury) and providing benefits to “victims” rather than…

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