Health & Safety, Volunteer Fire Service

What’s the Difference Between “Training” and “Working Out”?

Issue 12 and Volume 172.

VOLUNTEERS CORNER ❘ By MATT PAGE In the fire service, we preach about the importance of training and how it can greatly improve our effectiveness during an emergency incident. We also emphasize the need to be physically fit to perform the duties and tasks that may be required of us when the tones drop. The question is, although we demand both training and fitness, are they being accomplished? Training on forcible entry and ladder placement is great, but if our firefighters cannot physically carry a ladder or force a door, our crew’s abilities are only book knowledge deep. The same can be said if our members have biceps of steel, can lift ungodly amounts of weight, and run for miles without getting tired but are unable to accurately read flow paths or perform a simple search pattern. We need to combine both very important activities to accomplish the ultimate goal…

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