Fire EMS, Structural Firefighting

Administering Hydroxocobalamin to Fire Smoke Victims

Issue 12 and Volume 172.

fireEMS ❘ Joe Sherrell A “routine” house fire on New Year’s Eve 2011 would forever change the way the Tulsa (OK) Fire Department (TFD) operates at structure fires. Interior operations were ongoing when, suddenly, a Mayday call rang out over the radio. One of our own was in trouble. Shortly after the call for help, the lifeless body of Firefighter James O’Neal was pulled from the structure. O’Neal, a firefighter on Engine 19, was serving as a member of the fire attack group. Immediately on hearing the Mayday call, crew members of Engine 24 and Ladder 24 rushed into the structure to perform firefighter rescue. RELATED Manage Your Air, Manage Your Survival Training for Change: Saving Lives on the Front End During fire attack, O’Neal’s self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) mask became dislodged. His lungs filled with toxic fire smoke quickly, causing disorientation. He soon collapsed inside the burning home. After…

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