Letters to the Editor: December 2019

Issue 12 and Volume 172.

A message that hit home I commend Chief Brian Berry on his article “The ‘Fire’ You Are Unaware Of” (Volunteers Corner, Fire Engineering, September 2019). To be honest and discuss a very personal issue that has affected many in the volunteer fire service for years is refreshing. The old term used was “firehouse widow” when I started in the fire service more than 30 years ago. I did witness more than one marriage that did not make it, and a large reason could have been the second house. While the firehouse might not have been the sole or main reason for the marriage issues, it can be a root cause or the place to hide from the problems. We can get so wrapped up in the day-to-day duties of the firehouse that we forget that it was not just “me” who signed the application, but my entire family—current and future. Between all the…

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