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It’s Not Easy Being “Small” in the Fire Service

Issue 1 and Volume 173.

Volunteers Corner
VOLUNTEERS CORNER ❘ By NICHOLAS DeLIA Being small is not easy! However, it does not mean you cannot offer your community a quality level of service. The difficult part is admitting you can’t do it all by yourself. For the purpose of this article, “small” is defined as not being able to meet today’s standards and best practices without outside assistance. I will use a range of combat capabilities, including (1) having 20 or fewer interior firefighters in the company and (2) having the ability to put five to 15 interior firefighters or fewer on scene during the daytime, regardless of the number of active members in the department. Some may say, “What’s the big deal?” Others may be saying that they wish they had that many. RELATED Small Departments: Growing Beyond the Single-Line Mentality Doing the Job with Limited Resources in Small Departments Special Operations in Small Departments Overcome…

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