Firefighter Training

Fire in a Flat Roof? “MAC” It!

Issue 1 and Volume 173.

TRAINING NOTEBOOK ❘ By JOHN MACDONALD With the continued urbanization and push toward sustainable development, it appears that the wood-frame apartment building is here to stay. In fact, statistics show that this type of construction (Type 5) is growing in popularity inside and outside of large urban centers. Urbanization and development within cities mean more efficient use of land; it just makes sense that where 10 houses once stood, 80 apartment units can now occupy the same space. Cities that have seen tremendous growth over the past several decades, such as Seattle, Washington, have amended building codes to allow for five-story wood frames above two stories of Type 1A noncombustible protected construction for buildings that total seven stories in height. In 2018, Seattle also began accepting building permits for developments that use mass timber in heavy building types up to 18 stories high. These trends are being mirrored in large…

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