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Products/Services/Media: January 2020

Issue 1 and Volume 173.

Cummins’ X12 is up to 600 pounds lighter than other medium-bore engines and 150 pounds lighter than the next lightest engine in its class. At 2,050 pounds, the X12 is especially designed for weight-sensitive applications and allows you to carry 97 more gallons of fuel in your tanker. Features include up to 500 hp and 1,700-pound-foot of torque. Revolutionary low-friction design for higher mpg maintenance intervals that rival the X15 with longer oil drains and DPF maintenance beyond the first owner. Compatible with a broad choice of transmissions such as fully automatic, AMT, and manual. (800) CUMMINS (286-6467). To request information go to Reyco Granning’s R-SERIES AM combines Reyco Granning’s familiar R-Series drive axle air suspension with the latest air supply module, the AirMaster® (pictured). The system is a turn-key bolt-on upgrade to replace the inferior factory leaf spring suspension on shuttle bus, ambulance, recreational vehicle, and work…

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